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Family company
Estabilished in 1992

About Us

Proaudio sound system Manufacturer since 1992

Our Mission

Tools For Professionals

We design and manufacture our systems with a single goal – to help you get the job done in a simplest possible way. Our systems are designed with all the essential features required by proaudio users. If we would have to point out our priorities in design process they would be:

  • Sound quality – because without it, there is no proaudio.
  • Efficiency – because we know you will always make use of additional minutes you can save for making the overall outcome.
  • Effectivness – because we want to make sure that audio tools chosen by you will help you to deliver on time and above expectations.
  • Versatility – because nowadays there is always something more you need or want to do. Mostly it could not be predicted during tha planning, therefore you need tools that will be operative in more than one application.

How We Manufacture

Handmade Passive Crossovers

All crossovers are exclusively developed and produced by ourselves. We put a lot of efforts to align the phase response and ensure that the sound will be very natural with proper plans separation. 

Enclosures made of plywood

We are aware that durability of the system is a fundamental value at the professional stage. With this in mind we manufacture enclosures only from high grade plywood that can sustain time and weather at heavy duty conditions.

Trusted components

Well-made products require reliable components. During the production process we pay special attention to all parts quality – starting with speakers and ending with wires. We use only tested and trusted components sourced from leading European manufacturers.

Measurement Room

To perform necessary design and testing activities we built a measurement room that provides an anechoic environment for frequencies down to 100Hz.

Team with Know How

Since the company was founded in 1992 we’ve been constantly improving and expanding our knowledge. We have also established cooperation with other professionals who have joined our Team over the years. 

Multiple finish options

Most of our systems can be delivered in one of 3 finish options: Warnex Texture Paint, Black Carpet or Polyurea. Depending on your application you can choose the most appropriate option for your activity.

What we do

POL-AUDIO  grew up from rental business based on individually designed handmade loudspeakers. Developed systems proved to be efficient and in response to market expectations we focused on designing and manufacturing as our main activity. We constantly provide rental services for events like concerts, festivals and conferences. This keeps us closer to our customers needs and also provides a field to test our products. 

Apart from manufacturing our standard systems we can also assist on modification or customization projects. We are aware that some applications feature very specific requirements therefore none of available systems will satisfy them and a brand new design is needed. We offer consultations or complex realization of entire designing and manufacturing process.

Fields of specialisation

Proaudio Systems Manufacturing

We design and manufacture proaudio eqipment for rental companies, installation applications and performers. All of our product deliver high sound quality and required functionality to effectivly deliver proper sound for given appllication.

Rental service

We are providing sound system rental services for all kind of events in Poland and abroad. We delivered sound systems for Popes visit in Poland and Ukraine, Mayday festival in Poland, festivals, concerts and many more.

Custom design

Some applications need a special, custom approach to deliver a proper result. We design and implement custom products based on customers requirements. 

Our History

The Company was first estabilished in 1992 by Leszek Polanowski – founder, current owner and head engineer of POL-AUDIO. It all started with his passion and was transferred into professional field of loudspeaker design. It is hard to tell when was the first loudspeaker design because in the beggining it was more of a hobby and it started when Leszek was at the Politechnic of Wrocław. 

After that in army, which was obligatory in Poland he worked next to radiocommunication equipment but he already new what he will do after the army. At the beggining Leszek with two friends setup an music shop.

After couple of years the idea of POL-AUDIO company has born and was instantly transformed in to the real thing. At first it was mostly rental services but after a few years when complete systems designed and manufactured by Leszek started to get more and more attention, manufacturing started to take bigger and bigger share of the turnover. In next couple of years POL-AUDIO became well known Polish alternative to West Manufacturers. 

Soon after estabilishing  the company Leszek Polanowski Reached to Svietly from BMS company – top world transducers manufacturer – to start cooperating as BMS distributor in Poland. Currently POL-AUDIO is the oldest distributor in the BMS network. This led to implementing BMS transducers into POL-AUDIO designs. After this cooperation with companies like Eighteen Sound, Powersoft and FaitalPro began giving POL-AUDIO access to the top quality components used by the best companies in the world. This led to a single conclusion, since we design based on the same phisics and use the same components, then there is now reason not to compete.

Today POL-AUDIO manufacture complete range of proaudio systems including: multifunctional cabinets, installation systems, subwoofers, wedges, high output point sources and Ease Focus 3 supported line arrays. We already aquired a place in technical raiders of polish stage artists and we are not planning to rest here.

Our Experience

During our operation in proaudio industry we gathered a large portfolio of customers and cooperators.

Team Size
Years of experience

Meet The Team

Leszek Polanowski

Founder & Chief Engineer

Filip Polanowski

Martketing, IT, Customer Support, Distribution

Agnieszka Polanowska

Finances, Invoicing, Logistics

Krzysztof Śrama