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Family company
Estabilished in 1992


EASE Focus 3

Acoustic Simulations Software

Ease Focus is well known application for acoustic simulations of Line Array systems. POL-AUDIO SLA series was added to the database as one of the first companies in eastern Europe. GLL files can be downloaded from users forum after registration.

Both versions: Ease Focus 2 and Ease Focus 3 are supported.

POL-AUDIO AllControl

Application for DSP management

POL-AUDIO AllControl is an application for management of POL-AUDIO DSP devices : DSP 26 and DSP 48 AES/EBU. It allows for remote access to all the parameters of system configuration.


Xilica devices management software

XILICA XConsole can be used to remotly control all concert series Xilica DSP devices. Xilica XD/XP and XA series are designed to operate in live remote control so that you can adjust system configuration during the event. Xilica devices are assembled using high quality component design high quality sound applications.