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DJT 2100 AK

2100W, self powered portable system 2+1

DJT 2100 AK is a self powered, full range, portable sound reinforcement system. It was designed to provide complete solution for mobile performers that need to provide high quality sound in a different venue each day. Minimum setup time is guaranteed by built in amplifier module with FIR-capable DSP module on board. Surprisingly loud and detailed sound will comfort almost any sound requirements at events up to 150 – 250 people.

Module Power2100 W
Party up to150 People
Banquete up to250 People



ND Speakers

For optimum weight


For high vertical control


Transport solution


For better alignment

You are a performer

Let us take care of sound

We understand that you are responsible for multiple tasks including logistics, visuals, performing and event management. It is already enough on your mind. This is why we design DJ sets – to provide you with easy to use, reliable and efficient solution to provide high quality sound on small to medium events.

High grade plywood provides durable enclosures that will help protecting system from physical damages and humidity. Neodymium magnets will make it easier to transport the system between venues. High quality passive crossover provides you with a system that performs on its own, so any correction is only matter of venue.

Let us take care of the sound so you can focus on performing, as it should be.

System Configuration

Technical Parameters

Model SW 115 AK
Frequency range 35 Hz - 300 Hz
AES Power 1200 W
Module Power 2100 W (1400 W + 2 x 350 W)
Components 15″(4″) ND
SPL 1 W / 1 m 102 dB
Connectors Out to Satellites
2 x Neutrik NL4MP
Dimensions 586 x 440 x 550 [mm]
Weight 30,3 kg
Enclosure High grade plywood
Finish Poliurea
Model SAT 83 ND
Frequency range 150 Hz - 18 kHz
AES Power 160 W
Components 8 x 3"(0,75") ND
SPL 1 W / 1 m 97 dB
Connectors Neutrik NL4MP
Dimensions 675 x 130 x 175 [mm]
Weight 6 kg
Enclosure High grade plywood
Finish Poliurea