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CLA 210

Trójdrożny system liniowe dużej mocy

CLA 210 is a three way, high output, line array system operating in Bi-Amp mode. It was designed for various applications, where high output and extended directivity control is necessary. System was designed not only to be extremely compact but also to radiate very little toward back and sides – keeping most of the sound in front of the system – where it should be.

Used in CLA 210, 8” coaxial, planar HF unit in combination with large horn creates extremely high dispersion control for a wide frequency range. Each module can deliver clear and dynamic sound up to 22 kHz! Double 10” sophisticated phase correctors has been integrated into HF unit horn to save space and create extremely compact line array module with very high SPL and Power density.

Enclosure, made of high grade plywood, is covered with Polyurea – highly durable material. Suspension system was design to ensure high aiming precision (with vertical splay angle step of 0,5° in range of 0 to 2) and a safe way to fly the system even in demanding applications. Safety factor for the flying system is close to 7:1 when flying array of maximum number of modules – 16 pieces.

Single module weighs only 37 kg thanks to neodymium speaker magnets and aluminum rigging system parts. The flying bar can be used to fly or ground stack the array and weight only 14 kg.

Main Features

  • Bi-Amp mode
  • Double neodymium 10"
  • High output
  • Coaxial, neodymium, planar HF unit
  • Extremely compact
  • High precision, durable rigging
  • Horizontal dispersion - 90
  • High dispersion control up from 500 Hz
  • Minimal radiation toward sides and back
  • Smooth design

System Specification

Model CLA 210
Simulation software Ease Focus 3
Frequency range 50 Hz - 22 kHz
AES Power LF 900 W / MF+HF 150 W + 80 W
Program power LF 1800 W
Peak Power MF+HF 1000 W + 320 W
Components LF: 2 x 10” / 3” ND MF+HF: 8” PLANAR CX ND
SPL 1 W / 1 m LF: 98 dB / MF+HF: 112 dB
Connectors 2 x Neutrik NL4MP
Dimensions 320 x 650 x 530 [mm]
Weight 37 kg
Impedance LF 8Ω / MF+HF 12Ω,
Maximum modules Flying 16 modules
Groundstack 6 modules
Minimum recommended 4 modules

Sample Configuration

If you seek a different configuration, contact us.
If you seek a different configuration, contact us.


EASE Focus 3

EASE Focus 2 and 3 can be used for coverage prediction of SLA systems. Application is free of charge and can be downloaded with the link below. To download GLL libraries please go to users forum where after registration you can download all of the libraries.

High precision rigging system

With 0,5° step in range of 0 to 2

Extremely precise rigging system with minimal step of 0.5° can aim the sound directly where you need it in almost any venue. Flying system safety with a factor of nearly 7:1 for most demanding array configuration with up to 16 modules was delivered with highly durable aluminum and optimum weight of a single module. Highly polished design makes the system good looking and very easy to apply.

Sophisticated Horn Design

High dispersion control

System was design to deliver very high energy radiation control. Highly advanced 10” phase plug incorporated into HF unit horn provides very high dispersion control down to 500 Hz. CLA 210 is a system with extremely high output to size ratio in its class. Additionally system construction with side ports was designed in such a way to radiate the energy mostly toward the front of the system making the monitor mixing a lot easier.

System Components

SWL 118-1200

18" (4") High output sub

TV 118-1000

18" (4") High output sub

MP 115 CX ND

15" coaxial monitor


Amplifier with DSP