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CLA 210 presentation, Warsaw [RealizatorPL]

On Realizator.pl you can read few words about our presentation of CLA 210 system that will take place in Warsaw next Tuesday. We are very happy to invate you to this event because beside high sound quality you will experience a lot of cool people from our industry. Also multiple products will be available for...
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[TEST] DJT 2100 AK

In January issue of LiveSound Polska you can find a test of our new active, portable sound system – DJT 2100 AK. These is a tool for everyone that seeks high quality sound, minimum configuration and high mobility. DJT 2100 AK is a 2 + 1 set with amplifier module capable of delivering 2100 W...
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[TEST] M 110 CX – Live Sound Polska

New M 110 CX wedge is a multipurpose coaxial transducer tool that will help with monitoring at small to medium size stages. High quality sound and smooth design with durable finish makes this a very versatile product. Test of POL-AUDIO M 110 CX can be founb in September issue of Live Sound Polska.
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[EXPO] Muzykalia – Kalisz, Poland

In September 2014 POL-AUDIO company held a booth at Musikalia audio industry exposition in Kalisz, Poland. As always we were happy to talk to our customers and show our new products. Below we can find a interview with Filip Polanowski that was recorded by infomusic.pl.
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[EVENT] POL-AUDIO Seminar – 2013/2012 Bełchatów, Poland

POL-AUDIO is the organizator of Bałchetów proaudio seminar. During the event visitors could listan and compare to systems of L’Acoustics, JBL, Meyer, Nexo, Outline and others. All of the systems has been provided by the distributors or by everyday users. During the seminar, few interesting lecturers has been held. Watch the trailer and regret you...
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Test PA 212 + TPH 115

Live Sound Poland performed a test of our new mobile set PA 212 + TPH 115 + X3-2000 – dedicated power amplifier. You can find more information on Live Sound website!
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Stadion in Bełchatów Sound system by POL-AUDIO

POL-AUDIO was responsible for design and installation od new Sound System for Ekstraklasa Stadion in Bełchatów. Over 40 loudspeakers has been used, all of them designed and manufactured specifically for this object. Used loudspeakers were: 24 pcs PA 112-300 TM, 8 pcs PA 12-350 HATM, 6 pcs PA 112-350 TM and 2 pcs PA 115 COAX. More info can be found...
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SLA series refreshed

During presentation POL-AUDIO showed new refreshed versions of SLA line array series. Main change was SLA 208M ND that is a newer version of SLA 208. Rigging system has been modified to feature 3 points of suspension instead of 4 to deliver more compact system. More about the changes and the event can be found...
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